Pond Excavation and Construction

Designing and installing a pond requires taking into account the underground utilities as well as the existing or planned trees, landscaping and buildings. At Unruh Excavating, our pond excavation service begins by discussing your plans for the property. Then, we’ll assess the land with a laser level to identify any high spots that could obscure viewing areas, as well as any low spots where the pond could overflow.

The soil is evaluated to determine the amount of sandy soil, clay, bedrock or other rock at the pond site. If soil is not conducive to water retention, we will line the pond slopes and bottom with high PI clay and/or mix bentonite clay to provide the needed impermeability. If needed, supplementary soil can be trucked in and used to create the required slopes, ledges, and terraces.

After all the assessments and planning are complete, we’ll dig your pond to the right depth for your planned use and ensure that the appropriate ledges and watershed structures are installed.

Pond Fill-In

If your development or construction site has an existing pond that you want to fill in either for esthetics or to repurpose the area, we’ll ensure the job is done safely. We’ll drain the water and then fill in the space with soil so it’s ready for landscaping or other uses.