Street Repair & Construction Excavating Services

Whether you need to prepare a roadbed for a new subdivision or you’re replacing an existing city street or county road, we can handle all of your earthmoving and excavation needs. Unruh Excavating has the knowledge and experience to complete your project at a level that meets or exceeds engineering, legal and environmental standards for your area.

We frequently work on projects where drainage systems need to be added or upgraded. This often includes adding or replacing culverts, storm drains, pipes and catch basins. We can also add access to a new roadway or subdivision, create gravel shoulders or approaches and more.

Our street excavation services include:

  • Sub-excavation services
  • Roadway grading and shaping
  • Land clearing
  • Street or roadway preparation
  • Import fill material
  • Import base course
  • Place gravel, asphalt or HMA base course
  • Export fill material
  • Soil stabilization
  • On and off-site trucking
  • Transporting aggregates
  • Shaping roadway swales
  • Move earth to create embankments
  • Remove existing road base and pavement
  • Road reclamation
  • Gravel shoulder maintenance
  • Address roadway drainage issues