Where Can Soil Stabilization Be Used?

Soil stabilization and modification can be used in areas where the subgrade is not suitable for supporting construction of pavement or concrete structures such as:

  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Building pads
  • Cement or asphalt roads
  • Airport runways

Soil Stabilization Process

Although the aggregates may vary, the general process of soil stabilization includes mixing, spreading and compacting a soil and binding agent combination.

First, a stabilizing or binding agent such a cement or lime is spread over the soil.

A soil stabilizer with a mixing or milling rotor mixes the soil and the aggregates together until the biding agent is distributed evenly. Water may be added to reduce dust and improve compaction.

After mixing, the soil mixture is graded to ensure an even surface and then a soil compactor compresses the stabilized subgrade material.